Luxury villa Ideali with heated pool by the beach

كرواتيا, دالماتيا, هفار إِقلِيم, يلسا

شخص 8: €600 - €1,300 / ليلة
ن من الضيوف n:
غرفة 4
ن حمام 4
حمام سباحة خارجي مدفأ
حمام سباحة داخلي مدفأ
أمام الشاطئ
واي فاي
مرآب / كراج
50 m المسافة إلى البحر
4000 m المسافة من وسط المدينة
250 m2
342 m2

Luxury Villa Ideali with a heated pool near the beach is a modern holiday villa in Vrboska on the island of Hvar, only 60m from the sea and 4 km from the center of Vrboska.

Vrboska is a small town on the northern coast of the island of Hvar. It is located in a narrow bay surrounded by olive groves, pine forests and vineyards. What makes this place special is the beautiful islet in the middle of the bay and several small bridges, which gave it the name "Little Venice". The population is mainly engaged in fishing, agriculture and tourism. Vrboska is also known for its crystal clear blue sea, numerous pebble beaches and untouched nature. The most beautiful beaches are located on the Soline peninsula and in Maslinica bay. During the summer months in Vrboska, various festivals and events are organized, such as St. Lawrence's festival, summer carnival, crazy boat race, etc. This place in the municipality of Jelsa is also ideal for lovers of sports and active vacations, and visitors will be able to enjoy cycling, tennis , basketball, handball, mini golf and beach volleyball.

The land of this luxury holiday villa covers an area of 342m2, of which the residential part is 202m2, which consists of two floors, the ground floor and the first floor, which are connected to each other by internal stairs.

The villa has a kitchen, living room with indoor heated pool, 4 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms with shower and 1 guest toilet. On the outdoor terrace of this luxury villa with a view of the sea, there is an infinity heated swimming pool of 25 m2. The villa is suitable for comfortable accommodation for 8 people.

Arriving at the property of this modern villa with a heated pool, the first thing that leaves you breathless is the panoramic view of the sea and the bay of Basina, where this villa is located. On the right side there are stairs that lead to the main entrance to this villa with a sea view. On the outdoor terrace, there is an infinity heated pool of 25 m2 from which guests can enjoy a wonderful view of the sea. Next to the pool on the outdoor terrace, there are deckchairs for sunbathing and a small table where you can serve your favorite refreshing drink. This beach villa on the outdoor terrace has a sink and a grill where you can prepare delicious meals to enjoy at the dining table, which is also part of the outdoor terrace. Next to the dining table there is a space for rest and relaxation with a sofa and a small table.

From the terrace, through large glass sliding doors, you enter the interior of the villa, where there is a kitchen with a kitchen island, a dining room and a living room. Light tones prevail in the interior design, and the entire villa is surrounded by glass walls that offer a view of the sea and allow a large amount of daylight to pass through, which makes the entire space seem even more spacious and comfortable. The kitchen is decorated in black and white tones and is fully equipped with the most modern appliances such as a stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee machine, and a large kitchen island with 4 high chairs. On the right side there is a large rustic solid wood dining table with chairs for 10 people, above which 3 round chandeliers stand out. The dining table also offers a view of the sea through the glass walls, which you can enjoy while eating your favorite meals.

What will leave you breathless is the indoor heated pool of 9m2 with hydromassage jets, which is located in the middle of the living room and from which you can also enjoy a phenomenal view of the beaches and untouched nature that surrounding this luxury villa. Next to the indoor pool, there is also a hanging fireplace, which, with its unusual appearance, fits perfectly into the interior of this modern villa. In the living room of this luxury villa next to the beach, there is a large corner sofa and a coffee table, as well as an LCD smart TV on which you can watch your favorite series and movies even on vacation. Underfloor heating is available in the living room, and with a hanging fireplace and a swimming pool with the option of heating up to 38c, this villa is an ideal option for vacation in the winter months as well.

On the ground floor of this villa for rent, there is a Finnish sauna in a separate room, and also on this floor there is a guest toilet and a room with a washing machine and dryer.

The ground floor is connected by an internal staircase to the first floor, where there are 4 bedrooms. The rooms are modern and elegantly decorated in beige and white tones and are decorated with large windows, which make the space bright. Each room has a double bed, en suite bathroom with shower, LCD TV and its own exit to the balcony. On the balcony there is an area for sitting and resting with chairs and a table, from where you can enjoy an unforgettable panoramic view of the bay, the sea and the beaches.

All rooms of this luxury villa by the beach are fully air-conditioned and have WIFI. The rooms are also air-conditioned, modernly decorated and all have access to the terrace. The villa has a fully equipped kitchen with an oven, stove, refrigerator, coffee machine, kettle, microwave and toaster. For the guests of this villa with a view of the sea, 4 parking spaces are provided in the garage.

The distance of this modern villa for rent from the sea and the beach is only 60m and from the city center 4km.

Come and enjoy this modern villa surrounded by untouched nature and a crystal clear blue sea.

معلومات عامة


  • المكان من الداخل: 250 m2
  • المساحة الكلية: 342 m2
  • الحد الأقصى: 8
  • الأسرة: 4
  • الحمامات: 4
  • مراحيض: 1

المسبح واللياقة البدنية

  • سطح مشمس
  • مسبح خارجي مدفأ
  • ساونا
  • دش خارجي

حديقة وشرفة

  • الأثاث في الهواء الطلق
  • شواء / شواء خفيف
  • مساحات خضراء في الفناء


  • مطبخ مجهز بالكامل
  • بار مطبخ مع كراسي
  • أدوات المطبخ
  • ثلاجة
  • فرن
  • موقد
  • الميكروويف
  • غسالة صحون
  • صانع القهوة
  • صانع الثلج
  • غلاية
  • خلاط
  • محمصة

منطقة الطعام

  • طاولة طعام مع كراسي

غرفة المعيشة

  • تلفزيون سات
  • تلفزيون ال سي دي
  • المدفأة

معدات تقنية

  • شبكة نتفليكس
  • غسالة
  • نشافة ملابس
  • مكيف هواء
  • مجفف شعر
  • خزنة
  • تلفزيون "سات"
  • تدفئة تحت البلاط
  • مكنسة كهربائية

معدات إضافية

  • معدات الكي

رسوم إضافية:

  • التنظيف اليومي - السعر عند الطلب



  • مطار: 4 كم
  • بنك: 5 كم
  • صراف آلي ATM : 5 كم
  • شاطئ: 50 م
  • بار كافيه: 4 كم
  • وسط المدينة: 4 كم
  • طبيب: 4 كم
  • صيدلية: 4 كم
  • مطاعم: 4 كم
  • محلات: 4 كم
  • ملعب تنس: 5 كم
  • بحر: 50 م
  • الجولف: 5 كم
  • محطة وقود: 4 كم


الفترة ثمن الليلة الواحدة السعر الأسبوعي الحد الأدنى التغيير
09.01. - 31.03. 2023. €600 €4,200 3 اي يوم
01.04. - 30.04. 2023. €800 €5,600 3 اي يوم
01.05. - 31.05. 2023. €900 €6,300 3 اي يوم
01.06. - 15.06. 2023. €1,000 €7,000 3 اي يوم
16.06. - 30.06. 2023. €1,100 €7,700 3 اي يوم
01.07. - 31.08. 2023. €1,300 €9,100 5 اي يوم
01.07. - 30.08. 2023. €1,300 €9,100 5 اي يوم
01.09. - 15.09. 2023. €1,000 €7,000 3 اي يوم
16.09. - 30.10. 2023. €800 €5,600 3 اي يوم
01.11. - 31.12. 2023. €600 €4,200 3 اي يوم
01.12. - 15.12. 2023. €600 €4,200 3 اي يوم

يشمل السعر

  • First aid kit
  • مناشف
  • تغيير أغطية السرير كل 7 أيام أو عند الطلب
  • موقف خاص للسيارات في الممتلكات
  • واي فاي
  • إنترنت
  • باقة الترحيب
  • مجموعة من أغطية السرير والمناشف


  • إيداع في حال حدوث ضرر €1,000 يتم دفعها عند الوصول واستردادها عند المغادرة
  • طلب / تسجيل 16:00 h
  • المغادرة 10:00 h

الية الدفع

  • طرق الدفع: بطاقة ائتمان ، تحويل بنكي
  • مُقدَّم: 40%
  • تسديد المتبقي: 40 أيام قبل الوصول