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كرواتيا, دالماتيا, سبليت إِقلِيم, سبليت

شخص 2: €100 - €290 / ليلة
ن من الضيوف n:
غرفة 1
سرير إضافي واحد 1
ن حمام 1
واي فاي
800 m المسافة إلى البحر
50 m المسافة من وسط المدينة
21 m2

Luxury room De Luxe with en-suite bathroom and a balcony overlooking the historic city center is a beautiful modern room in the brand new residence Luxury rooms Le Prestige, located in the center of Split, a few minutes from the UNESCO-protected site and the Palace of Diocletian.

Split is the largest city on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea and the second-largest city in Croatia. It is located between the rivers Zrnovnica in the east and Jadro in the north, plunging west into the sea with its peninsular part. It is bordered by mountains, Mosor in the northeast, and Kozjak in the northwest. Promenades along the sea "Riva" make an ideal connection with the cobbled streets of the old town, spreading the spirit of the Mediterranean.

The center of the city is Diocletian's Palace, built from 295 to 305 by the Roman emperor - reformer Gaius Valerius Aurelius Diocletianus. Modern architecture extraordinarily blended into the top examples of ancient architecture such as Peristyles, medieval Romanesque churches, Gothic palaces, and baroque facades, allowing you to travel through time.

Luxury room De Luxe with en-suite bathroom and a balcony allows complete privacy and is the dream of every true pleasure connoisseur, the room is suitable for up to 2 people.

Luxury room De Luxe is one of the 4 rooms of the brand new residence Luxury rooms Le Prestige located on the third floor of the building near the historical city center of Split.

The luxurious De Luxe room in the new residence in the center of Split offers an exceptional experience.

Upon entering, guests are welcomed by a stylish screen provided for comfort and careless contactless check-in.
The room is equipped with a top-notch cooling and heating water system, high-speed Wi-Fi, a SMART TV with satellite channels, a cozy seating area, a convenient coffee machine and kettle, a minibar, and a hidden wardrobe with a safe.
The queen-size bed, made with advanced anti-allergic materials and adorned with satin bedding, ensures unparalleled comfort and relaxation.
Additionally, there is a sofa that easily converts into a comfortable bed for one person, complete with a separate mattress pad. Every piece of furniture in this stunning room is custom-made from the finest materials.

The en-suite bathroom, with a shower, measures 4 square meters and features Gres tiles. It is situated behind a glass wall and is equipped with a hairdryer, towels, a bathrobe, and slippers.
Every detail has been carefully chosen to provide guests with everything they need for a perfect vacation and uninterrupted enjoyment of their stay.

Furthermore, the room boasts a private balcony with a table and chairs, offering a breathtaking view of the old city center and charming traditional stone houses.

Designed for the comfortable accommodation of two guests, the De Luxe room guarantees a luxurious and memorable stay.

معلومات عامة

Luxury room De Luxe 1 سرير كوين 1 صوفا / مفردة قابلة للتحويل داخلي


  • المكان من الداخل: 21 m2
  • الحد الأقصى: 2
  • الأسرة: 1
  • أسرة إضافية: 1
  • الحمامات: 1

معدات تقنية

  • مكيف هواء
  • مجفف شعر
  • تلفزيون "سات"

معدات إضافية

  • أدوات المطبخ
  • غلاية
  • ماكينة اسبريسو لصنع القهوة
  • ثلاجة صغيرة
  • رداء الحمام
  • ميني بار
  • النعال

خدمة إضافية عند الطلب (تكلفة إضافية)

  • خدمة كونسيرج


Absolutely beautiful place! Will highly recommend!
Easy to find, great location, close to city center and super comfy bed! The best Option to quickly reach the harbour! Nice stay!



  • مطار: 25 كم
  • بنك: 300 م
  • صراف آلي ATM : 200 م
  • شاطئ: 800 م
  • موقف حافلة: 800 م
  • بار كافيه: 50 م
  • وسط المدينة: 50 م
  • طبيب أسنان: 1 كم
  • طبيب: 2 كم
  • العبارة: 800 م
  • المرسى: 2 كم
  • صيدلية: 200 م
  • مطاعم: 50 م
  • محلات: 300 م
  • ملعب تنس: 1 كم
  • بحر: 800 م
  • كاتاماران: 1 كم
  • الجولف: 8 كم
  • محطة وقود: 1 كم


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  • واي فاي


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  • طلب / تسجيل 16:00 h
  • المغادرة 10:00 h

الية الدفع

  • طرق الدفع: بطاقة ائتمان ، تحويل بنكي
  • مُقدَّم: 40%
  • تسديد المتبقي: 40 أيام قبل الوصول