Luxury Villa Diora Brac with heated pool, wellness, gym

كرواتيا, دالماتيا, سبليت إِقلِيم, سيلتسا

شخص 8: €1,100 - €2,300 / ليلة
ن من الضيوف n:
غرفة 4
ن حمام 4
حمام سباحة خارجي مدفأ
صالة لياقة بدنية
أمام الشاطئ
واي فاي
حيوانات أليفة
مرآب / كراج
10 m المسافة إلى البحر
8700 m المسافة من وسط المدينة
240 m2

Luxury Croatian villa Diora with a heated pool, wellness and gym is located on the lovely island of Brač - a magical pearl of the Adriatic that hides numerous natural beauties lulled in the warm rays of the sun and the scent of lavender. The island of Brač and its charming stone towns take visitors to an unreal idyll of clear sea and tall cypress trees that hide sandy beaches and pebble coves. Luxury villa Diora with a view of the sea for a family vacation with a swimming pool, is 27.7 km from Supetar, Bol is 26.05 km away, Split is 45 minutes away by ferry from Supetar, and Brac airport is 19 km away.

The island of Brač is the largest central Dalmatian island, and the 3rd largest in the Adriatic. The island is located close to the magical city of Split - the cultural center of central Dalmatia, where Diocletian's Palace is located, which, together with the old city center, is under the protection of UNESCO and the latest party destination, which is known worldwide for the already traditional Ultra Split festival. The island of Brač itself is a beautiful island that boasts azure clear sea, beautiful nature and the famous Brac stone, which is built into the White House in Washington and Diocletian's Palace in Split. On Brač there is also one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world - Golden Horn in Bol. Other attractions on the island include the mystical Dragon's Cave above the Murvica settlement, which was a temple of Glagolitic priests, the Blac monastery with its museum, and the highest peak of the Adriatic archipelago - Mount Vidova. One of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Brač are Lovrečina in Postira, Bili rat in Supetar, the already mentioned Golden Horn in Bol and Murvica beach with one of the most beautiful views.

The luxurious pet-friendly Croatian villa Diora Brač with swimming pool, wellness and gym has a residential part of 420 m2 that offers a relaxing romantic vacation on one of the most beautiful islands of the Adriatic, which its visitors will surely fall in love with at first sight. The luxurious Croatian villa Diora for a family vacation on Brač consists of three floors and is equipped with additional facilities such as a wellness oasis and a swimming pool for maximum enjoyment in a luxury vacation.

Luxury villa Diora in Brac with swimming pool, sauna and gym has a fully equipped kitchen, spacious living room, 4 en suite bedrooms, guest toilet and private parking and offers perfect accommodation for 8 guests.

By choosing the island of Brač as an ideal destination for your luxury vacation, the visitor comes to one of the most beautiful Adriatic islands, which is adorned with fragrant pine forests, wonderfully clear sea and white, stone towns that are small masterpieces of Brac stone. The island offers a wide range of entertainment and cultural events as well as a rich gastronomic offer.

The luxurious Croatian villa Diora for a romantic holiday with a heated swimming pool is located within the residential, closed part of 420 m2, which consists of a total of three connected floors. For a relaxing vacation, this Croatian luxury villa Diora on Brač is full of impressive facilities and has privileged accommodation by the sea with a private entrance. What dominates the appearance of this newly built Croatian villa is the white Brač stone, whose processing tradition is closely linked to Selca and the entire island, and the large glazed surfaces that give the rooms airiness and brightness, and a magical view of the endless blue sea and Mount Biokovo. The outdoor paved part of the Croatian luxury villa Diora Brač with a view of the sea consists of an elegant sunbathing area with comfortable deckchairs with towels and an outdoor heated infinity pool with light dimensions of 10x3 meters. In the continuation of the outdoor part, there is a summer kitchen with a pizza oven, a grill and an outdoor table for 8 people, as well as a comfortable seating area, which are perfect for summer get-togethers and get-togethers. For additional enjoyment of the indescribable view of the fairytale surroundings of this luxury Dior villa for a relaxing vacation, there is also a lounge area on the outside for relaxing and drinking coffee in the sun. In the outer part there are also an outdoor toilet and an outdoor shower.

From the stone courtyard, you pass into the spacious ground floor bathed in sunlight, decorated in a Mediterranean style in combination with stone and modern elements. Most of the front part is glazed and gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation with a view of the sea and the mountains. The modern living room consists of soft seating and decorative furniture, a smart TV, an indoor fireplace and a dining room with a spacious table for 8 people. Downstairs is a professional fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher, wine cooler, ice maker, stove, oven, microwave, blender and coffee maker. In order for guests to enjoy the gastronomy of the island to the maximum, the villa has a wine cellar on the ground floor, which wine lovers will not be able to resist. On the ground floor, there is also a wellness oasis for relaxation, which includes a sauna, a modern gym and a guest toilet. Spa treatment is an excellent choice for expelling toxins, increases blood circulation in the body, reduces stress levels and relieves headaches, cleans the airways and rids the body of toxins. A luxurious modern elevator is used to connect the floors.

On the first floor there are two en suite bedrooms. Each bedroom is spacious and air-conditioned and has a wonderful view from the terrace. The comfortable bedrooms are airy and have a comfortable King size bed measuring 2X2 meters equipped with guest bedding. The bedrooms have an en suite air-conditioned bathroom. The pleasant en suite bathrooms are equipped with sanitary elements and associated bathroom furniture, they have a toilet and a shower, a hair dryer and robes, shampoos and towels for the guests so that they have everything they need during their stay in the villa. To relax in the sun in the unique environment of this luxurious Croatian villa, guests can freely use the balconies with seating furniture and allow themselves to be taken in by the wonderful view and the fragrance of ethereal plants and trees.

On the second floor, the layout of the rooms is similar because the focus is on sunlight and the view. There are two spacious bedrooms with a large outdoor sunny terrace where there is outdoor furniture for sitting and relaxing. The airy interior of the rooms is elegantly decorated in a style that fits in with the rest of the villa, it is air-conditioned, and the central part of the room is occupied by a King size bed measuring 2X2 meters. Each dormitory has an en suite air-conditioned bathroom with bathroom furniture and modern sanitary elements such as sinks, bathtubs and toilets, mirrors with lights, hair dryers, towels, bathrobes and shampoos for guests.

The luxurious Croatian villa Diora on Brač in Selca with a heated pool, sauna and gym is equipped with Wi-Fi, underfloor heating, smart TV with satellite programs, a modern elevator, private parking and a private access to the sea. As an additional benefit of this villa, it should be noted that it is pet-friendly, i.e. it allows pets with prior notice. For additional outdoor activities, the luxurious Croatian pet-frinedly villa Diora Brač offers 3 bicycles, 2 kayaks and 1 SUP board.

The distance of the luxurious Croatian villa Diora Brač from Supetar is 27.7 km, Bol is 26.05 km away, Split is 45 minutes away by ferry from Supetar, and Makarska can also be reached by ferry from Sumartin in 1 hour. Jadrankamen beach is only 400 m away, Dubravka beach is 1.3 km away, and Brac airport is 19 km away.

We invite you to visit this unique villa and experience the magic of one of the most beautiful Croatian islands

معلومات عامة

Bedroom 1 1 سرير كينغ داخلي
Bedroom 2 1 سرير كينغ داخلي
Bedroom 3 1 سرير كينغ داخلي
Bedroom 4 1 سرير كينغ داخلي


  • المكان من الداخل: 240 m2
  • الحد الأقصى: 8
  • الأسرة: 4
  • الحمامات: 4
  • مراحيض: 1

المسبح واللياقة البدنية

  • مسبح خارجي
  • ساونا

حديقة وشرفة

  • شواء / شواء خفيف


  • أدوات المطبخ
  • الفريزر
  • ثلاجة
  • فرن
  • موقد
  • الميكروويف
  • غسالة صحون
  • آلة اكسبريسو كافيه
  • صانع الثلج
  • غلاية
  • محمصة

غرفة المعيشة

  • نظام صوت ستيريو مجسم

معدات تقنية

  • SONOS 5 zone HI FI system Radio + Deezer
  • غسالة
  • نشافة ملابس
  • مكيف هواء
  • مجفف شعر
  • تلفزيون "سات"

معدات إضافية

  • مخزون الخمر
  • نادي رياضي
  • معدات الكي

رسوم إضافية:

  • Pets: 200 EUR / week

خدمة إضافية عند الطلب (تكلفة إضافية)

  • خدمة كونسيرج



  • مطار: 20.2 كم
  • بنك: 38.1 كم
  • صراف آلي ATM : 600 م
  • شاطئ: 400 م
  • موقف حافلة: 26.3 كم
  • بار كافيه: 8.7 كم
  • وسط المدينة: 8.7 كم
  • طبيب أسنان: 7.1 كم
  • طبيب: 25.8 كم
  • العبارة: 39 كم
  • المرسى: 2 كم
  • صيدلية: 8.7 كم
  • مطاعم: 220 م
  • محلات: 3.6 كم
  • ملعب تنس: 3.7 كم
  • بحر: 10 م
  • كاتاماران: 8.7 كم
  • الجولف: 26.4 كم
  • محطة وقود: 600 م


الفترة ثمن الليلة الواحدة السعر الأسبوعي الحد الأدنى التغيير
01.01. - 30.04. 2023. €1,100 €7,700 5 اي يوم
01.05. - 31.05. 2023. €1,300 €9,100 5 اي يوم
01.06. - 30.06. 2023. €1,800 €12,600 7 يوم السبت
01.07. - 31.08. 2023. €2,300 €16,100 7 يوم السبت
01.09. - 15.09. 2023. €1,800 €12,600 7 يوم السبت
16.09. - 30.09. 2023. €1,300 €9,100 5 اي يوم
01.10. - 31.12. 2023. €1,100 €7,700 5 اي يوم

يشمل السعر

  • سرير أطفال وكرسي مرتفع
  • موقف خاص للسيارات في الممتلكات
  • واي فاي
  • إنترنت


  • إيداع في حال حدوث ضرر €0 يتم دفعها عند الوصول واستردادها عند المغادرة
  • طلب / تسجيل 16:00 h
  • المغادرة 11:00 h

الية الدفع

  • طرق الدفع: بطاقة ائتمان ، تحويل بنكي
  • مُقدَّم: 40%
  • تسديد المتبقي: 40 أيام قبل الوصول