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Dalmatian specialties highlight Mediterranean cuisine's richness, featuring fresh, locally sourced seafood like fish, shellfish, and squid, prepared in diverse styles


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Welcome to our oasis of flavors and services! Our culinary team consists of a blend of skilled chefs and waitstaff who are engaged in every step of event organization.

Dalmatia - Land of Sea and Wine

Dalmatia, a region blessed with sunny days and the azure sea, brings not only the beauty of landscapes but also an abundance of healthy food. At the heart of the Mediterranean diet, Dalmatia boasts fresh fruits, vegetables, olive oil, and fish. Here, healthy eating is not just a trend but a way of life. Locally sourced ingredients form the foundation of many regional dishes, providing not only exceptional taste but also a wealth of nutrients. Indulging in Dalmatian delicacies means experiencing a blend of flavors and well-being, where tradition and health go hand in hand.

Dalmatian Seafood - The Culinary Delights of the Adriatic

The health of Dalmatian seafood derives from the combination of fresh ingredients and the Mediterranean way of eating. Fish, shellfish, and seafood from the Adriatic Sea provide high-quality proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and other essential nutrients. Olive oil, characteristic of the region, further enriches meals with healthy fats. The abundance of fruits, vegetables, and herbs grown in this area offers a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Dalmatian cuisine, based on fresh, local ingredients, is not only delicious but also nutritionally balanced, promoting longevity and overall well-being.

Dalmatian Wines: Nectar of the Adriatic Sun

Dalmatian wines stand out for their exceptional quality, stemming from the unique blend of sunlight, fertile soil, and a long winemaking heritage. Indigenous varieties like Plavac Mali and Pošip contribute to wines with a strong character and distinctive regional aromas. This region is renowned for its sunny days and favorable conditions for grape cultivation, resulting in mature and flavorful grapes. Dalmatian winemakers, employing careful approaches and traditional production methods, craft wines that exude complexity of flavors, meeting high standards of quality. Dalmatian wines offer an unforgettable experience for wine enthusiasts, conveying the authenticity of the region in every sip.

Our Clients


Our stay at the villa in Brač was an incredible culinary journey, all thanks to the exceptional chefs who amazed us with their skills. Each day, they crafted dishes that were a true delight to all our senses. Fresh ingredients, creative preparation, and thoughtful presentation resulted in unforgettable meals. It felt like dining in a Michelin-starred restaurant, yet with the added personal touch and the comfortable atmosphere of the villa. Thank you for making our stay even more special – your culinary artistry will leave a lasting impression


An absolutely fantastic cooking experience in Hvar, thanks to Ines, Orgon Team and chefs Josip and Kiki. Their blend of expertise and creativity resulted in dishes that were a true delight for our taste buds. Every bite carried the signature of their masterful skill and careful approach to each ingredient. Beyond the delicious food, their energy and enthusiasm further enriched our experience. Thanks to Josip and Kiki for an incredible culinary adventure in Hvar!


We are immensely grateful to the Organ Travel Team for the incredible experience at Villa Mare in Orebić. Everything was flawlessly organized, from the moment of arrival to departure. The villa was a paradise on earth, and Ivan and Andro were true culinary wizards. Their expertise and dedication created incredible flavors that enriched every meal. The sweet touch of personal approach and kindness further enhanced our experience. Thank you for an unforgettable stay - we look forward eagerly to a return visit!


I cannot express enough my delight in the culinary experience at Villa Sea Palace. Thank you to the entire Orgon Team for an incredible time! The feeling was fantastic, from the exquisitely prepared meal to the pleasant atmosphere. Special thanks for the beautiful bottle of wine, which was a delightful surprise. This experience will be etched in our memories, and your kindness and expertise have truly enriched it. Thank you


I always dream of such a vacation, with mornings filled with the aroma of coffee, lunches with fantastic seaside scents, and dinners accompanied by exquisite wines... Thank you to the Orgon professional chef team


Our family wedding was absolutely perfect, thanks to you. You fulfilled our wishes, and we are so happy. Thank you to Orgon Travel Agency and the professional chefs and waitstaff for moments we will cherish forever

Marianne & Deen

Our large family of 20 gathered in Dalmatia, in Split. We had perfect organization with chefs in the villa and chefs on-site, even right on the beach. We were alone on the beach, and the culinary team arranged tables, torches, outdoor kitchen elements, providing us with an extraordinary culinary experience. It was an unforgettable experience that we will cherish forever


During our stay at the luxurious Villa Dubrovnik Palace, Ivan and Mili delighted us with Mediterranean cuisine and exquisite flavors. Thanks to Orgon and their team


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