Luxury villa Green Hideaway with heated pool and sauna in Gospic

Хорватия, Lika, Smiljan Область, Buzim

Человек 8: €460 - €615 / сутки
6 + 2 Гостей
2 комната
2 дополнительной кровати
3 ванной
Открытый бассейн с подогревом
55000 m расстояние до моря
12000 m расстояние до центра города
140 m2
5500 m2

Luxury villa Green Hideaway with heated pool and sauna in Gospic is a charming Croatian wooden holiday house located on a private property in the small town of Buzim near Gospic in Lika. This family villa for rent and vacation is only about 7 km from the village of Smiljan, and about 13 km from Gospic.

Buzim is a small historical village in Lika, located under the slopes of Velebit near the village of Smiljan and the town of Gospic. Smiljan is a little picturesque town best known for the fact that it is the birthplace of the greatest inventor of this area, Nikola Tesla. Today, this charming village attracts many tourists who come to visit the "Nikola Tesla" Memorial Center to learn more about his life and work. At a distance of 7 km from Smiljan, there is the town of Gospic, the administrative and cultural center of the Lika-Senj region. In addition to its rich history, Gospic is surrounded by numerous natural beauties such as the Plitvice Lakes, Paklenica and Northern Velebit National Parks, where the Velebit House and Lukina Jama are located, the Jasikovac and Laudonov Gaj park-forests, and the Velebit Nature Park. The climate of this region is ideal for cattle breeding, and especially for sheep breeding, where the production of the traditional Lika cheeses skripavac and basa stands out. Famous traditional events in Gospić are Autumn in Lika and Gospic Music Summer. If you want to taste delicious local specialties, you can visit the restaurants Maki, Prasina and Stara Lika. For those eager for adventure, in the heart of Gospic there is also the Likos adrenaline park and a riding school.

The land of this charming wooden villa for rent covers an area of 5500 m2, of which 140m2 is the residential part. This luxurious Croatian villa with pool and sauna consists of a ground floor and a first floor divided into a fully equipped kitchen, a comfortable living room, 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and is suitable for comfortable accommodation of 6+2 people.

Arriving at the property of this charming family wooden holiday home in Buzim, the first sight that will take your breath away are the fairytale-like green fields, dense forests and mountains that surround this spacious private plot of 5,500 m2. Below the slopes of the mighty Velebit is this Croatian mountain villa for rent Green Hideaway with heated pool, jacuzzi, sauna and children's playground. In addition, the land of this fairytale house is adorned with a private stream with a spring.

On the spacious private terrace of this luxury family vacation home, there is a heated saltwater pool surrounded by sun loungers with an unforgettable view of the idyllic fields and forests that frame the property of this magical vacation home in Lika. The pool has a cover and a bio cleaner, and next to it there is also a round firepit perfect for gathering with friends or family. A children's playground with swings and a sandbox has been set up in the meadow next to the pool, and in the garden, various seasonal vegetables such as paprika, salad and numerous spices are available to guests. From the outdoor terrace, steps lead us to the roofed outdoor porch of the house, where there is a summer kitchen with a sink and a wood-burning fireplace and a large wooden dining table with benches, perfect for family lunches outdoors.

From the porch you enter a comfortable living room with a wood-burning fireplace lined with stone, surrounded by a comfortable couch and two armchairs. Guests also have at their disposal wood for the fireplace, which is in the basket next to it. The entire space is airy and harmoniously decorated with a combination of elements of neutral colors and natural materials such as wood and stone, which contributes to the feeling of peace and comfort.

From the living room you enter the dining room, where there is an impressive lacquered wooden dining table with chairs and a kitchen cabinet for dishes. A large glass wall allows a large amount of daylight to enter the space, which makes it more spacious and airy. In the dining room too, with the help of a combination of natural materials such as wood and epoxy resin, the harmony of this Croatian rental house with nature is expressed. Next to the dining room there is a modern fully equipped kitchen, the interior of which is also decorated in light colors and with white wooden kitchen elements. This modern kitchen is ideal for preparing delicious home-made specialties for the whole family. In addition, there is also a guest toilet on the ground floor.

Internal stairs lead to the second floor of this magical wooden cabin for rent, where there are two air-conditioned bedrooms with balcony access and two bathrooms. In the hallway in front of the entrance to the bedrooms, you can relax on a comfortable sofa in front of the LCD TV. In the bedrooms, in addition to the double bed that can be separated into two single beds, there is also one single bed. As in the rest of this house for family vacation and rental, neutral light colors and natural materials prevail in the interior of the bedrooms. The modern bathrooms have a sink with a mirror and a bathroom cabinet, a toilet and a bathtub in one, and a walk-in shower in the other. In the bathroom with a walk-in shower, there is also a washing machine with powder and the necessary laundry detergents available to guests. Various bathroom accessories such as pads, micellar water, creams, shampoos, etc. are also available to guests.

In addition to the main house, on the property of this private wooden villa with pool, there is also a separate cottage with a wellness oasis consisting of a jacuzzi, sauna, salt room with a Himalayan salt wall, bathroom with walk-in shower and comfortable armchairs for relaxation, and it also has underfloor heating. Next to this wellness oasis, there is another small wooden house in the yard that serves as a storage room for tools, and in it there are two bicycles for adults and two children's, which guests can use.

The premises of this wooden mountain villa for rent with heated pool are fully air-conditioned. This magical vacation home has underfloor heating in all bathrooms and central heating in the rest of the house, making it ideal for vacations in the winter months. It also has free access to WI-FI and LCD TV. The modern fully equipped kitchen has a fridge with freezer, stove, oven, coffee machine, toaster, mixer, blender, dishwasher, microwave, kettle, stand mixer, toaster, spices and other kitchen utensils. A baby cot and a highchair are also available to guests with prior notice. Additional amenities include bicycles, soccer goals and balls, volleyball nets, badminton equipment, and various board games such as chess and cards. Free parking is provided for guests on the property of this holiday and rental villa. As for the pool, it is important to note that the pool is available to guests from the middle of the 5th month to the 1st of October, meaning outside the winter period. What makes this rental house stand out are the solar panels for hot water and LED lighting throughout the house. At night, the surrounding outdoor lighting is turned off so that you can enjoy the spectacular view of the starry sky undisturbed.

The distance of this luxury villa from Smiljan is about 7 km, and from the center of Gospic 13 km.

Visit this natural oasis in Lika and enjoy the benefits offered by this magical mountain vacation house Green Hideaway!

Основная информация

комната 1 1 Двуспальная кровать 1 Односпальная кровать
комната 2 1 Двуспальная кровать 1 Односпальная кровать
Гостиная 2 Односпальная кровать


  • Внутреннее пространство: 140 m2
  • Общая площадь: 5500 m2
  • Максимально гостей:: 8
  • Кровати: 4
  • Дополнительные кровати: 2
  • Детская кроватка: 1
  • Стульчик для кормления: 1
  • Ванные: 3

Бассейн & Велнес

  • Salt room
  • Шезлонги
  • Открытый бассейн с подогревом
  • Сауна
  • Джакузи / гидромассажная ванна

Сад и терраса

  • Круглый открытый камин
  • Outdoor fireplace
  • Мебель для улицы
  • Children's climbing rock
  • Детская площадка/Игровая площадка
  • Зелень во дворе
  • Летняя кухня на улице


  • Индукционная плита
  • Полностью оборудованная кухня
  • Столовые приборы / посуда / бокалы
  • Морозильная камера
  • Холодильник
  • Духовка
  • Плита
  • Микроволновая печь
  • Посудомоечная машина
  • Кофеварка
  • Блендер
  • Электрочайник
  • Миксер
  • Тостер
  • Обеденный стол со стульями


  • Кондиционер
  • Диван
  • Кресла
  • Спутниковое телевидение
  • DVD
  • Камин

Техническое оборудование

  • Зарядная станция для электромобилей
  • Радио
  • Видеонаблюдение
  • Отопление
  • Кондиционер
  • Стиральная машина
  • DVD
  • Фен
  • Спутниковое ТВ
  • WI FI


  • Football net
  • Игровая комната
  • Гладильное оборудование

Дополнительные услуги (платно)

  • Extra cleaning - 100 EUR

ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ УСЛУГИ ПО ЗАПРОСУ (за дополнительную плату)

  • Повар/приготовление еды
  • Доставка еды и напитков на виллу - доплата
  • Трансфер в/из аэропорта - за дополнительную плату
  • Дополнительная уборка - за дополнительную плату


  • Свадьбы до: 45 человек
  • Wedding fee: 1300 EUR
  • Залог в случае ущерба: € 2000 оплачивается при въезде и возвращается при выезде
  • Дополнительная плата за уборку после мероприятия (оплачивается по прибытии): € 200

Место нахождения


  • Аэропорт: 109 км
  • Bank: 12 км
  • Банкомат: 12 км
  • Beach: 55 км
  • Bus Station: 12 км
  • Кафе-бар: 12 км
  • Центр города: 12 км
  • Зубной врач: 12 км
  • Врач: 12 км
  • Паром: 55 км
  • Пристань марина: 45 км
  • Аптека: 12 км
  • Ресторан: 12 км
  • Магазины: 10 км
  • Теннисный корт: 12 км
  • Море: 55 км
  • Gas Station: 12 км


Период Цена за сутки Цена за неделю мин Смена гостей
01.06. - 30.06. 2023. €510 €3,570 2 Любой день
01.07. - 31.08. 2023. €615 €4,305 7 суббота
01.09. - 30.09. 2023. €510 €3,570 2 Любой день
01.10. - 22.12. 2023. €460 €3,220 2 Любой день
23.12. - 25.12. 2023. €615 €4,305 2 Любой день
26.12. - 29.12. 2023. €460 €3,220 3 Любой день
30.12. - 01.01. 2024. €615 €4,305 2 Любой день
02.01. - 31.01. 2024. €510 €3,570 2 Любой день
01.02. - 31.05. 2024. €460 €3,220 2 Любой день
01.06. - 30.06. 2024. €510 €3,570 2 Любой день
01.07. - 31.08. 2024. €615 €4,305 7 суббота
01.09. - 30.09. 2024. €510 €3,570 2 Любой день
01.10. - 22.12. 2024. €460 €3,220 2 Любой день
23.12. - 25.12. 2024. €615 €4,305 2 Любой день
26.12. - 29.12. 2024. €460 €3,220 3 Любой день
30.12. - 01.01. 2025. €615 €4,305 2 Любой день

В цену включено

  • Подогрев бассейна
  • Аптечка первой помощи
  • Сады и бассейн; регулярное ежедневное обслуживание
  • Услуги консьержа по запросу
  • Собственная парковка с электрическим зарядным устройством на территории
  • Полотенца
  • Туалетные принадлежности
  • Детская кроватка и стульчик для кормления
  • Бадминтон
  • Смена постельного белья - раз в неделю или по запросу
  • Собственная парковка на территории
  • Первая и заключительная уборка
  • Туристический сбор за проживание включен
  • WI FI
  • Приветственный пакет
  • Комплект постельного белья и полотенец


  • Депозит за причинение ущерба €200 оплачивается при въезде и возвращается при выезде
  • Регистрация заезда 15:00 h
  • Выезд 10:00 h
  • Генеральная уборка €100

Политика оплаты:

  • Форма оплаты: Кредитная карта, Банковский трансфер
  • Аванс: 40%
  • Оплата оставшейся суммы: 40 Дни перед приездом