Covid Free Cancellation 2022

Covid cancellation free of charge

As we always want you to feel safe and happy with us, this time we want to offer you flexible booking conditions.

Relax, choose and book your seafront villa in Croatia for dates that suit you perfectly without any stress and start dreaming about your well-deserved vacation this summer!

In case you have to cancel your reservation due to the impossibility of coming to Croatia due to Covid problems (closed borders), your payments are secured as follows:

  • If you cancel your reservation by the 30th day before the day of arrival at the villa for 90% of the villas in our portfolio, we grant you a full refund of all funds paid (less bank charges) or at your request transfer to a new period
  • If you cancel your reservation in the period from the 29th day to the day of arrival at the villa for 90% of the villas in our portfolio, we grant you a transfer to a new period.
  • For the remaining part of the villas from our offer, regardless of the time of cancellation of your reservation, we approve the transfer of the reservation to new dates.

Each villa in its presentation has information about the cancellation due to Covid problems. The same conditions will be indicated in each offer.

Covid cleaning protocol

All of our villas have been cleaned and disinfected to the highest standards to provide clients with a safe home during their holiday.

The Covid protocol and cleaning are performed as follows:

  • Check in and check out is carried out in a meeting with only one member of the villa staff – our team member who uses a protective mask and keeps the required distance when presenting the villa
  • The villa is fully ventilated after the clients leave the villa
  • Staff equipped with protective masks and gloves put all bed linens, towels and kitchen towels in special bags which are stored in a specially designated place in the laundries
  • Bed linens, pillows, blankets, kitchen towels and other fabrics are washed with special detergents at 90 ° C
  • The villa is completely vacuumed, followed by a detailed cleaning of all surfaces
  • The dishes are washed at a high temperature with special detergents
  • Clean bed linen, previously washed and disinfected in the laundry, is placed on the beds
  • After putting the clean bed linens, towels and decorations, all flat surfaces, handles are finally disinfected and the completely cleaned villa is ready for new guests
  • Cleaning agents that are used are containing some of the following active substances: Sodium hypochlorite (0.05 - 0.5%), Ethanol (70%), Glutaraldehyde (2%), Isopropanol (50%), Benzalkonium chloride (0.05%), Sodium chlorite (0.23%).

Covid testing in the villa

We can organize COVID testing in the villa for all our guests. Pre-registration for the test must be done 14 days before the day of testing. The medical clinic will send the client an offer for testing by an e-mail. By accepting the offer, the staff of the medical clinic comes to the address of the villa, takes the sample and takes the sample for the testing. The test result is available within 24 - 48 hours, depending on the client's needs and delivered to the client by email.

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